Dog Lodging and Activites

Why settle for a kennel when your pet can experience all the love, fun and comfort of home? The Paws Resort’s guests enjoy an entirely different and enjoyable experience. Veterinarians and our clients enthusiastically recommend The Paws Resort because of the quality of services and level of care pets enjoy while staying with us.

  • Your pet will be completely safe and secure with a clean, comfy sleeping area while staying with us. Each pet has his or her own personal space to rest and stretch out. Our canine accommodations provide all the services you would expect from a quality resort, including room service, soft music, natural lighting and passionate, loving, staff to see to their every need.
  • We provide a premium brand of house dog food for our guests.
  • Each suite comes with raised beds and comfortable bedding. 
  • As part of our standard lodging, each guest will have access to an elimination area a minimum of three times per day.walking dog


Your average dog boarding facilities and kennels can’t measure up to our level of service!

Royal Treatment Activity Packages

Love for pets is the first quality and qualification for all employees of The Paws Resort. Our staff will spend time with each guest, find out what they like to do, how they like to play, or just provide an open lap for snuggling. Our professional experience and evidence from the pet care industry have proven that high levels of physical activity and interaction result in happier and healthier pets, especially when they are away from home. Many dog boarding facilities do not offer these important and healthy activities for your pet. This is unfortunate, since puppies, active adults, and seniors all benefit from regular interaction and activity.

We know that each pet is unique and offer customized playtimes based on what your pet wants to do. We have an assortment of exceedingly popular discounted activity packages that can be tailored specifically with your pet in mind:

The King/Queen Package - the ultimate package for pampered pets

The Prince/Princess Package

The Lord/Lady Package

The TLC Package For guests that need a certain amount of extra attention or have special needs

The Puppy Package for our guests under 6 months of age. We give them more frequent business breaks to reinforce their house training. Provide lots of fun and extra attention that's necessary for puppies, as well as reinforcing their house training.

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