Cat Lodging and Activities

catWe promise your cat will cozy up to The Paws Resort from his or her very first purr! With our comfy multi-level cat quarters, your kitty will have plenty to keep them entertained, including climbing platforms, window seats and toys galore. To ensure a wonderful vacation for your pet, we constantly check all kitty quarters for cleanliness and to monitor each guest's mood, health, and comfort level.

Though kitties might seem pretty independent, we know they need just as much love as dogs do at their home away from home. While our cattery provides sumptuous surroundings and spacious rooms, we know that our feline guests enjoy activities too.

Focused Play Sessions:

Do you have a curious kitty? Great! Our individual sessions of play time are devoted just to what your cat enjoys the most; playing with a toy, a game of laser tag, catch the mouse or just being cuddled or brushed, we have plenty to keep them entertained

Call us to learn about additional packages and activities available for our cat lodging guests.

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