CHEERS once again to The Paws Resort! A great big THANK YOU to Harriet and her wonderful staff for taking most EXCELLENT care of my babies! They've told me how much fun they had. They've gossiped a little....;) and actually..... I think they are complaining about being bored now! XOXOXOXOXO. What a comfort to know my babies are all safe in the "paws" of The Paws Resort.

Tracy, Steve, Dodge and Bucky


I don't know what I can do! Samson and Ursa spent two nights at Paws Resort with Aunt Harriet and now they are acting really spoiled!!! They want to know when they are going back because Aunt Harriet is nicer than Mommy and Daddy and EVEN AUNT CARLA!!!!! WAY TO GO PAWS!!!

Julie, Samson, Ursa and Heidi


Bailey, Morgan, Zeke, Goo, Spice and Epic are all super excited to be staying with you guys! They LOVE it and literally pull us to the door each time they get to stay!

Cat and the crew


Just wanted to say thank you to Aunt Harriet and the rest of the staff for taking such good care of Addison! It gives me peace of mind while traveling, to know she's being well taken care of (even if I do call every day checking on her!!). I appreciate all of you!

Tonya and Addison


Thank you for loving our girls and taking care of them while we were away. It is always hard to leave them, but with the TPR team, we know they are in great hands.

Melissa, Dwight, Libby, Frannie and Millie


The Pirate T-Shirts are awesome. Thanks a million for each of you and all you do. Our boys came home ready to get their bark on. LOL.

Sandy, Loretta, Jumanji, Lil Jack, Gyzmo and

Princess Harley (girls rule!)


I feel funny picking up my pups. I have a feeling that they would rather stay there. But really, I can tell they had a great time. It is like a summer camp for your furry kids.

Connie, Michael and Murphy


I'm so glad to have The Paws Resort on my speed dial. Harriet and the gang run a tight ship yet still manage to treat my 2 dogs as their own. My younger dog is terrified of most people and places, but she acts quite at home at The Paws. They know their stuff, whether it's handling special health and dietary needs, finding the perfect playtime buddy, or ensuring a shiny clean, safe facility. I'm a huge fan!

Katie, Tilly and Griffin


We couldn't function without the existance of The Paws Resort. Our 2 fur kids have been guests since 2008. Whether just a weekend night or a full vacation week, they are excited and exhausted every time we pick them up. Our kids are very finicky eaters, so Harriet and her staff are tasked to follow our strick meal plan. Our kids, now 10 and 9.5, get to stay together and are NEVER expected to void on cement, they have only large enclosed turf yards, so they have never developed any 'bad' behaviors…. The staff make caring for all the guests a TOP PRIORITY.



I have never boarded my dogs until I found The Paws Resort. What a wonderful place and a wonderful staff. My dogs came home happy and relaxed. Thank you Paws Resort for treating my babies like they were your own.

Helen, Bosley and Fenster


Dear Harriet ~ Paws Resort is Archie’s “home away from home”…….just like going to visit grandma!

 Thank you so much for taking such good care of Archie. You and your ladies are so good to him. He is always so excited when I tell him he is going to see Ms. Harriet! As a matter of fact, I can’t tell him too soon before leaving because he becomes a terrible pest until we are out the door.

I am so happy I have added grooming as part of his Paws Experience. He always looks beautiful and I have had many compliments – “oh, who does his grooming, he looks so nice”.

Anytime you want to video Archie jumping out of the car and running up to the door to say “let me in”, I am happy for you to do so.

Thanks so much again; my overall experience at Paws has been and will continue to be such a pleasure, I wouldn’t take Archie anywhere else.


My very best,

Carolyn Hagler



Thanks for taking SUCH good care of Sammy and Jada for 2 weeks while we were gone. I never worry about them because I know they are home there. Its one thing I don't have to worry about :).

                                                                                                Billy Cochran

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